Celebrate Enfield Festival - The "Tournament"

Saturday 27th November 2021

NOW 11am - 2pm

Payment Methods

While we get our e-commerce logistics up-and-running, we’d be grateful if you would pay for your purchases via internet banking:

  • Account number:  03-1592-0410031-001
  • Account name:  Celebrate Enfield
  • Particulars:  [ticket/pass/entry type]
  • Code:  [your telephone number]
  • Reference:  [your name/team name]

Once received, we will contact you and then email an acknowledgement which you can bring along to the gate on the festival day and receive your wristband(s).  Alternatively, you can email us at celebrateenfield@gmail.com or call 021 508700 with your order for processing.

Prices for the "Tournament" only: